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Europe Tour Packages : A Unique 15-day Trip Exploring the Best of Central Europe

24 Sep

Europe Tour Packages : A Unique 15-day Trip Exploring the Best of Central Europe

Tired of seeing typical Europe Tour Programs? Let’s explore one of the most unique Europe Tour Packages!

Cobblestoned paths that lead to colourful and quaint little houses and delis, Cathedrals so stunning that they leave you in awe, stunning landscapes, and a culture vastly different from our own. A Europe trip is, indeed, something enchanting. And while you’ve heard of popular European countries like Switzerland and France, some of the best places to visit in Europe remain hidden and underrated.

With a unique trip to Central Europe, we at Bhagyashri Travels bring to you 5 of Europe’s gorgeous countries, each one different and beautiful in its own charm.

So, 15 days of exploring cities that see fewer tourists, covering 5 less-explored countries of Central Europe—Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, and Croatia. How does that sound for a unique holiday?

But before you decide on taking the tour, let us walk you through the 5 countries of our Europe tour package in the script, and everything they have in store for you.


From the country’s former royal capital of Krakow with its rich cultural history and gorgeous architecture to its current capital of Warsaw with its merry social squares and great food and drinks, Poland is a cultural delight. Look forward to going back in time with the Historic Centre of Warsaw, the Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp and Museum, and the UNESCO World Heritage site of Old Krakow while you’re there.

Czech Republic

Home to one of the most beautiful cities of the world, Prague, the Czech Republic walks you back into the older days of Europe in all their glory. With eye-catching attractions like the Gothic Charles Bridge and the stunning Prague Castle, the city of Prague is one of the best places to visit in Europe and makes a trip to the Czech Republic worthwhile.


We know you know about the breathtaking mountains that have blessed some of the European countries. While Switzerland takes all the attention, Central Europe’s Austria offers landscapes that remain untouched to a great extent, adding to their beauty.

It’s capital, Vienna is rich in history from the time of the World Wars along with cathedrals, parks, and cafes.


Deep blue skies, quaint houses with red roofs, and ample of greenery; that’s the city of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. With places like the castle, the Dragon bridge, and the pretty canal that sits surrounded by the houses, the town is a delight to explore on a Europe trip.

Croatia - Central Europe Tour PackagesCroatia

Be it the town of Dubrovnik on the cliff by the sea or Zagreb with its gorgeous colourful buildings with architecture tracing back to the 18th century, and Zadar, an old city on the Dalmatian coast, Croatia is a complete treat to the eyes and one of the best countries that you can cover on a Europe trip. You’ll second this thought once you’ve been there!

Europe Tour Packages

With nearly 40 years of helping travellers make the most of this beautiful world, we at Bhagyashri Travels believe in making journeys across the globe as comfortable and inclusive as possible. While not many others offer a tour to Central Europe in their Europe tour packages, we like to bring unique things to the table. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll get back to you the soonest possible.

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